Is It Possible To Win The Lottery By Cheating?

How Do People Cheat At Lotto?

Ever since the dawn of lotteries and chance-based games, people have wondered how to win the lottery by cheating. One of the most common ways the cheating occurs is when people hand over their winning tickets for checking to a shop owner, who then replies in the negative before taking the ticket and claiming the winnings for themselves. A tale of a Romanian mathematician Stefan Mandel managed to win the lottery jackpot 14 times by playing all the combinations. Due to roll-overs, the jackpot was high enough to cover the cost of playing all the combinations. In most other cases, though, there is some insider who helps a person to get the jackpot illegally.

How To Win The Lottery By Cheating?

Winning the lottery by cheating is considered fraud and is not something we would recommend. However, some ways and means can be employed to maximize your chances of winnings. All in all, how to win the lottery by cheating is difficult, and you are like to get caught.

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Best Legal Hacks To Win The Lottery

Those wondering how to win the lottery by cheating should instead take a look at these authentic tips:

  • Pick a lottery with a good RTP/odds: Most popular lotteries have a low RTP and astronomically low chances of getting a jackpot, owing to the huge jackpot and the number of people who participate. Participating in lesser-known lotteries or ones with a smaller jackpot can drastically improve your odds.
  • Be part of a syndicate: Syndicates are groups who pool money to buy tickets and then divide their winnings. These groups have been found to win an overall 20% of all the jackpots from the conducted lotteries. The only downside here is that you may have to share your winnings with fellow syndicate members, but the flip side can play more games and numbers, which increases the chances of a victory.
  • Picking Random numbers: Picking numbers in the sequence is a bad idea since it can impact your winnings. If you intend to beat the odds, pick random numbers to make the winnings relevant.
  • Playing more games: The one guaranteed way of losing is to not play in the first place. If you’re focused on winning the jackpot and becoming a local celebrity, then the bare minimum you can do is play more games, albeit with the aforementioned methods.

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What Are The 6 Luckiest Numbers?

Based on survey analysis, the six most common numbers in a lottery are 4, 10, 17, 31, 39, and 48. This is, of course, unlikely to be of much concern to those who are still wondering “how to win the lottery by cheating?”


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